#1 Discussion Post/ and student response

This is a class discussion post that needs to be approximately 2-5 paragraphs in length. 
***Discussion Post should be followed accordingly each question asked needs to be answered.
********I will post the students response below.  With the Student response it should be 1 paragraph in length reply to the students disccusion.
********************Discussion Post*****************
What are the benefits and drawbacks of centralizing decisionmaking in the Executive Office of the President? 
************************ Student Response #1 ***************************
The centralization and subsequent politicization of the Executive Office of the President (EOP) began during the Nixon era. President Nixon had little trust and confidence in his Executive Office and often believed policy information was not being discussed freely. By instituting a more centralized EOP a more trustworthy office was created as all members of the EOP are selected by the president. Having handpicked members for the EOP is a benefit to the centralized system as this more loyalty and efficiency in the executive branch. Also because the EOP is centralized the president is able to entrust more policy decisions and litigations to the EOP and focus on public appearances and matters that only the president can mitigate. Because the president picks the EOP personally they can ensure that members of the office share similar political views and stances on public issues. This has resulted in the politicization of the EOP as most members have the same political alignment which helps increase efficiency in the executive branch as less time is spent amending policies to differing ideologies.
Centralizing the EOP has also produced some drawbacks within the executive branch. Because members of the EOP are hand selected by the president they do not normally undergo any congressional or senate approval process. As a result the president can select members for the EOP that may not necessarily be qualified for the position. Additionally the president is able to surround themselves with people that will blindly agree with policy decisions because if they offer combative criticism for policies they may risk losing their position in the EOP. Any policies implemented by the executive branch may lack input from members of the opposing political parties which is another drawback as any policies instituted may not benefit American citizens of opposing parties.
************************ Student Response #2 ***************************
I believe there are many advantages and disadvantages to centralizing decision making in the Executive Office of the President. In terms of getting things done quickly and effectively I think there are more advantages than disadvantages. One advantage would be that the majority of issues and changes the president wants to make will be done, because they wouldn’t have to worry about it passing through congress. This also throws out the issue of divided government, even if the congress is controlled by a different party than the president, they don’t have as much say as to what would go on. Another advantage would be faster changes in issues, there would be no opportunity for filibusters or waiting for something to pass. There would also be a stronger sense of loyalty to the president since he is the one who appoints his members of the executive office. The president has the ability to hire and fire these members. The president would want to pick the members with the strongest loyalty to him and also his ideas, because then he will have more people agreeing with his decisions within his office. 
There would also be disadvantages as well, the opinions would be very one sided. Since the executive office of the President is picked by the presidents then they are most likely to agree on most of his issues. You would miss out on the opinion of the other party. Making decisions for a whole country one-sided would make a lot of people angry because we would not be truly serving all of the citizens if only president and his people weighed in on decisions. Even if the members of the Executive office of the President did disagree with the President’s ideas, they would be less willing to say so because their job is at the mercy of the president. On the other hand there could also be people within the executive office of the President who are in cahoots to go against the president and destroy his career, just like Nixon feared.


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