10 slide POWERPOINT Communication Plan “Prescription Drug Overdose” Potential Funding Source

Due 5/14  12 p.m EST
10 slide  not including title and reference page (min 5 references)
Public Health Campaign: Prescription Drug Overdose
Target Audience: Young Adults

PART II: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation 
Create and upload a narrated 10 slide PowerPoint presentation targeted toward a potential funding source for your public health campaign (PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSE)  Refer to the Final Project Guidelines for the PowerPoint presentation criteria.

1. Campaign Message: include any graphics or pictures (If you use graphics, you must consider whether they are trademarked and whether you need to gain permissions to use them in your public health campaign. Suggestion: use public domain graphic images or create your own). Examples for campaign message: video, blog, poster, public service announcement, etc.
2. Text: Make sure your messages are free of bias and remain culturally relevant and truly reflect a public health issue. Also, clearly define the benefit of changing individual behavior or attitudes towards the issue.
3. Make sure your message and presentation of the campaign are clear and concise.
4. Consider the health literacy levels of your target audience.
5. Direct your public health campaign toward a funding source and provide one slide justifying why your campaign deserves funding.


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