1000-1200 words essay(analysis of letter)

essay on rhetorical analysis of a letter
 Who is your audience? Write your essay for a reader who is an educated adult who is not as familiar with the text you are analyzing as you are.
What is your purpose? To summarize a letter and analyze how the authorr aims to achieve his purpose with the target audience through an appeal to either ethos, logos, or pathos.
Which speech will you analyze? You will analyze excerpts from  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” _April 1963_, which you can access here 
Note: King’s letter is much longer than the excerpts you will analyze, but for the sake of time, you will only analyze parts of it. Please do read the whole thing when you are able.
How long should Essay 2 be? Essay 2 will be a minimum of four (4) paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, a summary paragraph, a thoroughly developed rhetorical analysis paragraph that follows the MEAL plan, and a concluding paragraph. Generally, an effective MEAL plan paragraph for a rhetorical analysis will be 400-500 words long. The introductory paragraph can be accomplished in 150-200 words, maybe more. The summary paragraph can be accomplished in 300-400 words, considering the length of the letter. And the concluding paragraph can be accomplished in around 100 words. This will make your essay length about 1000-1200 words, but you may write more.
How should you format your essay? Use MLA format.


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