1300 words, Film “three times” research paper

an expanded version of the second paper though on a different film, with more detailed analysis of formal elements and of the viewer-film relationship. Your formal discussion of the film should involve analyzing specific sections, with running times. Consider choosing one or more sequences of at least a few shots, and listing and naming each of them and describing them accurately, to support a point you are making about the film. We will be looking for discussion of specific cinematic elements, imagery and editing and rhythm and in some cases sound. Then also consider and analyze the kind of relationship the film establishes with the viewer. If you can use your formal discussions to support this analysis, that’s even better, but not required.
Your paper must include the significant use of two serious outside sources, such as academic papers and chapters from books, not blog posts or movie reviews. One should be on your film, and the other either also on your film or on the question of the relationship of viewer to film. An example of the latter type is required reading on the course Web site, which you could use as one of your two sources.  You may also use statements by, or even an interview with, the filmmaker, but then be sure that your other source is a serious academic paper. The Flaxman Library, and the Columbia College Library which you can access with your ID, have excellent collections of film books. The Flaxman Web site will also give you access to many serious journal articles. Your grade will depend on all the criteria listed for the second paper, though you will be expected to present the film’s cinematic elements and relationship to the viewer in more detail and depth, but also on how well you use your two printed sources. You should summarize key points in each briefly, using direct quotes when possible, and then use them in your argument. You must offer a response, which could agreement or disagreement or some of each, but backing up your opinions with evidence and argument. If you agree, perhaps offer additional examples of points made in the reading, or perhaps expand on those points. Significant deductions from your grade will result from mistakes referred to in the boldface text below.
You must get names and film titles exactly right. Check and double check. You must also get direct quotes from other sources exactly right. If a cut and paste is not possible, make a letter by letter comparison with the source and what you have typed into your paper. You must name shots and other cinematic effects correctly as well 


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