Construct an essay of 500 words that responds to the following:
In your phase reading assignments, you were presented with historical perspectives to help students reason about ethical principles as they occur in different cultural contexts and individual and organizational situations, to enrich their thinking with perspectives based on values, judgments, motivation, and socio-regulatory factors. Think about your professional life and the ethics and values that guide your (and your organization’s) behavior and decision-making processes. Discuss the following in your assignment:

What value is knowledge about the genesis and history of current-day business ethics?      
In other  words, in the arena of ethics, does history matter? 
Should it matter to organizations as much, and in the same way, as to individuals? 
Why study the history of ethics and ethical thought? 
What does this historical context have to do with the present? 
How does knowledge of the past help people better understand and prepare for future  ethical decisions that will challenge them? 

In evaluating your essay, your professor will look for evidence of the following:

That you grasp the overall concept of the assigned chapters in this Phase 
That you are able to apply that knowledge in a thoughtful and meaningful way 

That your arguments are coherent and defensible  


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