2-3 pages podcast script about Hong Kong Music + Bibliography

I have attached the outline, rubric and an example of how the podcast should be.

For the podcast, make sure you verbally say enough about the source so your listener knows where you got the information from your sources. The full citation will be in your written bibliography that accompanies your audio file. For example, you could say something like, “As Nasim Niknafs explains in her article about underground rock music, opportunities for music making expanded in Iran after liberalization in the 1990s.” If you do read a quote directly, you should also say what page it is on in the article or book where you read it.

The songs that I picked are :
1. Glory to Hong Kong – Thomas dgx yhl

Translation of Glory to Hong Kong 

Hongkongers write their own anthem, ‘Glory to Hong Kong’

2. Tin Gwong Liu (Daybreak)- Rubberband

Translation of Tin Gwong Liu is attached in files

Here are some sources you can use




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