2 part report

In this assignment, you will look at a training situation from a variety of perspectives. It is your responsibility as a curriculum designer to synthesize these perspectives and assess the situation. Download and review the Training Situation. When you have read the interviews, give your analysis using the following questions as a guide. Visit the AIU Library and review the ABI Inform Complete database along with Business Source Premier database for help with finding support sources.

How      would you describe the curriculum of the airline?
Who      is not performing as expected, and what are the systemic as well as human      resource reasons for this performance gap?
What      topics will you recommend for training?
What      organizational change issues do you see in the scenario, and what      recommendations do you have regarding them?

Instructional feedback works both ways. Feedback from students allows teachers to make instant changes to instructional techniques, methods, and materials. Feedback from teachers helps students understand what they have accomplished and what they need to improve. When teachers elicit feedback from students, it is called teacher-received feedback. In this individual assignment, you will concentrate on elicited teacher-received feedback. You will create questions within a lesson plan that uses the cognitive taxonomy of educational objectives.
Complete the following:

Select a topic within a subject      that you teach or that you would like to teach (that was not used in a      previous unit).
Create a formal lesson plan      that describes the topic, materials, and methods.
Delineate the topic by creating      2 learning objectives using the audience, behavior, condition, and degree      (ABCD) method that align with the cognitive taxonomy and that use      measurable verbs and identify the appropriate cognitive level. Create 2      other learning objectives that align with the affective domain and      taxonomy.
Based on at least one cognitive      and one affective objective, create 2 questions that will probe the      student’s topic knowledge and level of commitment to the topic. You should      have at least four questions: two probing affective and two probing      cognitive capability.
Assign a taxonomic level to      each question based on the appropriate taxonomy.
The four questions should      represent more than one level in each taxonomy.
For each question that you      design, you will need to predict and provide examples of the possible      answers. Specifically, you should include a correct response, errors that      represent guesses, and errors that represent misunderstanding. Include the      answers and explanations in your project.
After each answer, indicate      what course of action should be taken by the teacher immediately and in      the long term, and explain why these actions are appropriate. Alternative      actions could include but are not limited to the teacher making changes in      techniques, materials, or the pace of the lesson.
Your project should be      formatted where each question, its associated answers, and contingent      teacher actions are nearby each objective. A table would be a good idea      along with additional explanations found in associated paragraphs.


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