3 – Measurable Values

Assignment Content

Phoenix Fine Electronics would like more information about their system options and your recommendation. They are interested in learning how the strengths of the system can be turned into measurable values for the business upon implementation.

Modify the chart from your Week 2 assignment by adding the following:

The strengths and weaknesses of each system
The impact of the strength and weakness
Cite at least two sources in the additional columns in your chart.

Write a business case for your recommendation. This business case will be revisited in Week 6. As a guideline, this section of the business case should be approximately 3 to 4 pages in length. Use the information from your executive summary and add the following information:

At least three measurable organizational values the new system will bring
The benefits of the value to the business
How these values will differentiate the business to customers
The risks of doing the project
The risks of not doing the project
The modified comparison chart (from above)
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