5 page research paper about Victims of Hate Crime or any topic of the author’s choice that is related to the subject of the Crime Victim

Professor’s instructions according to syllabus:
Each student will complete a five-page research paper on any topic related to the topic of Crime Victim.  This will be discussed more on the first day of class.  Your paper must be appropriately researched and cited from proper academic resources.  Academic resources include current research from peer-reviewed journal articles and books.  These can be found in the library and online.  Other acceptable sources could be from government web sites (local police departments, DOJ, state government sources).  Websites such as Wikipedia, answer.com, blurtit.com, newspapers or TV are not academic sources.  Why is this important?  Your job as a student is to read current research literature and to communicate it through your own words as it relates to your research paper.  Taking information from websites like answer.com do not rise to the level required for collegiate research.  This will demonstrate that you are able to synthesize and master this sometimes difficult material.  This will increase your professionalism, knowledge and credibility. 

Your paper will be assessed on the following areas:

Quality of Information: 
Your paper will include at least ten references from the library, journals and/or books.  It will not include information from Internet encyclopedias like Wikipedia or websites like Yahooanswers.com, blurtit.com, ask.com, brainmass.com, wisegeek.com, newspapers, TV news channels, etc.  If you are not sure about the appropriateness of a source, please ask me to prevent any deduction of points.

Your paper should be written in a clear and concise manner, arguments are to be logically presented and each of the main points is clearly addressed.  Paragraphs are fully developed and include fluid transitions to the next topic so the paper flows well.

The assignment contains minimal errors and was proofread.  The paper includes use of good sentence structure and word choice which will result in a paper that is easy to read and understand.

Proper use of APA style:
APA method of citation is used throughout the paper which includes in-text citations, format, and reference page.


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