50 Years from Now

What will life be like 50 years from now? In the future, we will be having many different changes, some predictable and some a complete mystery to us. In 50 years we may have a complete breakthrough in medicine. Cancer, aids, and all sorts of ilnesses may be cured. We might even discover a new life form from another planet. There is just so much we can do in 50 years and predictions must be made.
In 50 years we will have the ability to go outer space without need of all the training that astronauts nowadays require, and our cars will be nothing like how they are today because within 50 years the world as we know it will be completely different. Life in fifty years will be a lot different then it is now. In most people’s eyes they see the world having flying cars and floating houses, but the way I see it, it’s a lot different. In 50 years we might not have fresh air to breathe or clean water to drink.
If humans don’t stop burning oil and coal, the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are about to cause extremely high temperatures and the coldest places on Earth might one day have the best climate for humans. In conclusion, the greatest minds of this planet are saying the possibilities of what can happen in 50 years is endless. There are just way too many theories and too many possibilities to account for. It seems that 50 years from now, it will be a completely different world than it is from the world we live in now .


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