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Review the readings on the Course Outline in the syllabus. Please review the DOD IG report at https://media.defense.gov/2017/Dec/08/2001854487/-1/-1/1/DODIG-2018-035.PDF. The DOD IG report on Fingerprint care submission by the FBI is more of a program analysis than an evaluation of one specific function. This is an example of a much bigger study than we have dealt with in our examples and lessons. Take a look at the scope and methodology. Also take a look at the appendices. Look at the format overall. Is it appealing? Appropriate for the audience? Once you have reviewed the IG Report, find another report on a government agency. Explain where the report can be found then summarize it for the class. How does it differ from those we have discussed thus far? Compare? How is it formatted? The main part of this forum will be commentary on the format of the report and the results presented. Are there graphs to make it more clear? Is there an executive summary? How are the appendices presented? Please provide you comments in the initial post. Then review at least two of those recommended by classmates and comment on those as well. The idea is to expose you to a number of formats for final reports. 
500 word minimum
3 citations
lesson attached


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