A Case Study of Barclays Bank Marketing

Barclays Bank believes that university students are an extremely valuable segmentation for business banking markets, but the business of banking services is intensely competitive. In order to Barclays Bank attract more university student customers and to keep them in a long term, Barclays requires understanding the target market, what are universities students in the UK “needs and wants”. By describing the research process, the objectives of this market research will be notified. Following with the research questions and research design and method details will be formed. In addition, this research proposal is helping Barclays to increase its market share, and using market research to ensure Barclays provide the right product and services to the UK students target market.

I. Research Objectives
The main objective of this research proposal for Barclays Bank is to achieve the target which can provide the right products or services to university students in the UK and understand what are their “needs and wants” for bank account. Otherwise, we will add value propositions to attract more students for Barclays and keep these customers over time.
This has divided into the following objectives:
To understand the reason that students choose Barclays as their first bank account.
To investigate what feature would be considered when university students start a new bank account.
To inspect the property for Barclays banking services can attract new university students.
To increase university student account market.
To ensure the graduate students will continue obtain their bank account.
Research Process
According to Kumar (2005), a well managed severe, systematic, reliable, demonstrable, experimental, and critical is substantial research. In the next parts, it will describe the following research process for Barclays Bank.
Kumar (2005) has defined those eight steps for process of research, which is shown in Figure 1:
The following research will be chosen some parts for the proposal.


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