A idea collection paper

 This assignment is designed to be a reflection and development of your research interests. It has two main sections: the idea-collection and a summary/reflection paper.   
You must collect 10 total items ( the rest can be other articles, websites, sources like podcasts, documentaries, etc.)  The selection of these items should be driven by intellectual curiosity and anchored by a viable research question
For each: 
Either provide a copy or brief summary and bibliographic information of the source. MLA Style is required. 
A short (a sentence or two) statement about what brought you to it/what caught your attention about it.
A possible research question inspired by it.
2.  A 1-2 page formal summary/reflection paper 
This short paper should serve as a summary and reflection piece to tie your collection together. It’s a formal document so title it, type and format it, etc. 
Length: 1-2 pages (250-500 words). 
Your paper should have two main sections. Divide your time equally between the two, as best as you can. I’ll be looking for insight, support, and development of ideas. 
1. The first should discuss the materials you’ve collected over time. Think of this as a guide, of sorts.

What is inside? If there are patterns, identify them. If there are clustered areas of interest, identify them. If there are any apparent “outliers” address them. If there doesn’t seem to be a specific type of inquiry or any themes, consider why. (HINT: Maybe you have eclectic interests or took the opportunity to explore widely, to find new things, etc.).
Identify one or more pieces you found particularly interesting, inspiring, useful, or whatever. 
Also, please address the kinds of sources you drew from. Where do you go for your ideas? What captures your attention? Why? 

2. The second section is a sort of self-reflection. 

I’d like you to discuss your interests. What captures your attention? What are you curious about? What do you care about? How is this reflected in your collection? 

A potentially useful thing here is to consider focus. Don’t repeat your summary. Make it new. Make it relevant for yourself.

For example, do you find yourself drawn to subjects about people? communication? art? science? Why? Do you tend to engage with topics with personal significance? Are you exploring interests directly related to career ambitions? Do you like to dig in deep on a single topic or follow interesting rabbit trails of information? Do you know why you’re interested in something? 

What, if anything, did you learn about your interests and/or about exploratory research? 

This paper is due on 11/20. If you would like to help me please send me back no late than 11/20. Thank you! 


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