Advertising: the Magazine Game Informer

Informer an advertisement for Old Spice caught my eye.
The reason for this was because it was large scale, in your face, and took up two pages. The way that this ad established and reinforced the brand name was very clever. The ad used very neutral, warm welcoming colors such as dark orange, and blue with bold white text. This seems to be a typical old spice ad in my eyes. I say this because the way old spice portrays its self is humorous but at the same time, without a doubt seriously manly.This is an obvious point, because in the add the man is covered in the old spice foaming body wash while riding a giant crow away from the sunset while being struck by lighting. This makes a very bold point that it is the manly of manliest body washes.
This is apparent because not any average man could tackle riding a giant crow as well as a substantial lightning strike all while covered in a foamy blanket of body wash. When it comes to the question of what I think they are trying to create, I believe they are trying to portray this superior man of men image.I am able to link this ad with others that I have seen for old spice in the same manner. Such as a commercial I remember about “the man that your man could smell like” the slogan of the ad is that “We’re not saying this body wash will make your man into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it. ” This reinforces my point that the company Old Spice is trying to create a superior image that their body wash represents. Back to the magazine ad, I feel that creating this superior image targets young as well as older men.They appear cool to a younger age group while also targeting a more middle age group that represents everything they could have been in their lives, but can be by using their body wash so as insinuated in the commercial I talked about previously.

The placement of this ad in the magazine is more towards the end. The ad itself is outlined by a white border, which complements the bold large white text. The man riding the massive bird takes up one page while a close up of the mans face takes up the other half.This is important because I believe that they are trying to show what the man is capable of by showing him riding the bird while holding the body wash, while on the other half of the ad they show a close up of his face, which displays confidence. You can tell this by his facial expression. He seems sympathetic but also sincere at the same time. While on the other hand he is riding the bird with a yelling face, such as athletes do when they are getting “pumped” up.
This is relevant because this is an NFL endorsed ad.I believe that this can also portray two sides to the body wash, such as confident and outgoing but also compassionate. This may also have to do with the scent “showtime” that they are advertising. Which probably has to do with meaning business. This ad influences me, and attracts me to their product because I feel that this scent will make me feel as if I am more confident and ready for business, or “showtime. ” This is something that is important to many people as well as me.If I am feeling good about myself and how I smell, I may be more apt to be more outgoing and in a better mood throughout my day or night.
I feel like people are looking for products that give them more drive. I say this because that is something that I look for, such as more appeal and confidence. Overall, I believe that this ad is trying to impose the “coolness” that everyone wants. They are able to do this by showing two different sides of a person through this two page-pning ad designed around the scent “showtime. This is represented through the warm subtle colors surrounding the ad, with the popping lightning bolt striking the man and the body wash bottle in the background. Which is displaying the more confident outgoing side of the scent. These are important characteristics, because when it comes to smelling right it is very important.
People do not want over dominating scents, they want scents that attract others, and give them a new sense of achievement and accomplishment like old spice portrays this scent to be.


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