Aim in becoming an engineer and your Career

When we are young, one of those questions that we hear from almost every adult that we encounter, especially from those who work, is “What do you like to be when you grow up?” Remember that most may say, “I want to be this or that or like my mother or like my father and many other else…” Though we were young then, we are all starting to know the value of dream or career.

If you’re asking for my plan or the same question as the adults ask in my first paragraph, I would answer you that I am now aiming to be an engineer or I want engineering to be my career. You may have different reactions when I say that but it is just a matter of choice and all of us are have that right.

To be an engineer, I must study the prerequisites of entering college. First, I should finish my high school and then enroll in a university or college and acquire an engineering course, a mechanical, industrial or civil engineering may do.
Anyway, engineers abide by a simple law and the only thing that makes each of them distinct from one another is the nature of the results. For example, chemical engineers end products are chemical products, electrical engineering are for electricity-related machines or equipments which work hand-in-hand with the mechanical engineers.
Today, the engineering sector has many branches and each of them have their own expertise. After passing the course, I must take the licensure exam to be an engineer if it is needed. Otherwise, I will not be professionally called as engineer by my name or don’t have a title before my first name.
What’s really special about being an engineer is having a wide knowledge and expertise on one specific thing I want. Knowing the in and out of that thing is really amazing. If a have a computer, as an engineer I will know its components, the materials used, software available for the unit and even the appropriate price so that the public will buy the computer.
In short, engineers usually know every detail of something he or she is really interested about.
Well, the knowledge I will gain is only one of the reasons why I aim to be an engineer. Another thing is really on their purpose in fulfilling their job. For me, engineers also are public servant and are not only confined with their commercial purposes.
Though some may think that I want to be an engineer because it is well paid, well, think again. I know that we, in our career, always want to help others. Take a civil engineer for example. Most civil engineers are government employees.
They are imparting their knowledge in construction to build hospitals, schools, bridges, gate arcs, government buildings and many other infrastructures that are of great use for us. If not for them, we cannot be assure that we are safe when crossing bridges or walking by parks or towers. If not for them, community development is not possible.
Lastly, I believe that without them, each of them, every kind of them, society will be more of a bore. Basically, they give foundations of everything, almost everything that we saw in a society or a city in particular are works of science and art – or simply work of engineers. I may say that they are the builders of a civilization.
Dreams are made mostly to guide us in our way of pursuing our life. The question, “What do I like to be when I grow up?” is a big start in shaping the life we want someday.
Having a career in mind is really important so that we will now what all of our sufferings in life will bring us to. All we need to do is to focus our eyes in our aim – in my case, I should focus my eyes on my aim to become an engineer and do my best to make that my career.
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