All about me

The first thing that came to mind was the simple fact I was going to fall. I had to ask several questions before even completely understanding the requirements. We had to evaluate who we were, why we were here, and how Mr.. Wentworth could be of service to us. I worked for many days composing this essay; including many rough drafts and bad ideas. The first part of the prompt was by far the hardest, it took the most thinking. Preprinting consisted mainly of sitting around trying to figure out who I actually thought I was.
I wrote about 3 rough drafts before deciding on how I was going to present myself. After finally liking one draft, I did numerous amounts of editing. The editing process was difficult for me because I did not want to mess up my very first essay and make a bad first impression. Revising the essay was much simpler with help from peers. The benefits of using a formatted writing process are ultimately what lead to my higher grade. This process helps to organize, edit, and write with ease during difficult assignments.
To better organize I wrote many drafts and billeted list of important ideas to include, which helped to be sure I included all necessary points. Editing was made easier by my peers who read over the essay and gave me feedback from different perspectives to improve the flow ND structure of the essay. And lastly, the ease of writing the final draft came from this described process used. Without this process, I would’ve made a much worse grade and been more stressed out over trying to get it done.

Who are You? The prompt of this essay was to write a declaration of independence from your parents, much like the Declaration of Independence written by our founding fathers. We were instructed to use more Latin based words as well as all of the rhetorical devices we studied in class. The goal of this assignment was to gain independence room our parental units and was a chance to explain our wants and needs in a professional way.
We then had to read this essay to our parents in order for them to grade how well we did. Using a formal process to write this essay made it much easier to get our point across rather than Just writing without structure. Another process used as well was studying the format used by the founding fathers of our country. However, the traditional writing process helped in many ways to receive the grade I desired. Preprinting, the most important, helped me to figure out what I wanted to say and exactly how I would say it.


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