Amundsen and scott

The chilling tundra ot the antarctic restrained anyone trom exploring antarctic tor years. Amundsen and Scott, two very brave men chose to attempt to reach the south pole. The prowess in both men was incredibly heroic. Amundsen and Scott knew It was a treacherous journey but were up for the task. Only one man could be the first, and Amundsen was most definitely the successor. Amundsen had prepared for this journey all his life. While Scott flew by the seat of his pants, going on this expedition was Just one of many things he had done without lan.
It was a provisional job. Scott knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with it for that long. Scott was temerltly. Scott didn’t think twice about his adventure, thus leading to him being unprepared on his trip. Scott was physically prepared but not fully prepared mentally. Amundsen on the other hand examined every detail of his expedition piece by piece, ensuring that he would have the best of the best and be fully prepared. Always planning every move he made. The equipment they brought and the obstacles they faced were definitely a huge part of their trip.
Obstacles including weather and the natural environment. Of course Scott and Amundsens trip differed between what exactly happened but Scotts body obviously couldn’t procure the harsh weather the arctic had In store for him. Yet Amundsen still had trouble handling the weather he could still cope with it. Also, equipment was what saved Amundsen. Amundsen brought around a hundred dogs. He was well prepared bringing everything he would ever need and then some on the trip. While scott packed light rather than packing what he needed. Luck and fate played a large part In the story.

Just because Amundsen was stopped when he was so close to the pole doesn’t mean he tailed. He had the experience, the Journey and the lesson that Is Irreplaceable. Scott may of got to the pole, but whats it worth if he died. He’s not alive to be a success. Considering Scott was completely unprepared it was luck that he made it to the pole. Knowing he was oblivious to what was really happening out in the abject temperatures. Yet it was fate that he didn’t make It home safely. Amundsen on the other hand had fate on his side, he hadn’t made it to the pole. ich must of been meant to be. because If he made It he very well could of died. It was fate that he got to come home to keep on living a life rather than Scott who died an inexpedient death along side his team out in the icy cold. Making it to the pole and dying doesn’t make you a hero nor does it make you smart. You are both stupid and unheroic. Yes Scott died trying to be a success, but he tOf2 naa Tallea. I ne Tame deserves to go to Amundsen. Amundsen was smart enougn to know what he was doing and how it could drastically change the outcome of his trip f he kept on going.
Amundsen is the hero because he turned back. He was able to say i tried, and i my not of made it but i got extremely close and I am alive to tell a story. That is a true successor. In the end the successor is Amundsen no doubt. He dreamed of the day for years and years. It would be cruel if you took the rightful fame away from him. He knew what he wanted to do for years and years. Scott Just decided one day on a whim. Amundsen deserves to be remember Just as well if not greater than Scott.


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