Annotated Bibliography

W2: Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the dissertation process by creating an annotated bibliography. You will need the ability to identify similar research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your own research. An annotated bibliography helps you develop and hone these research skills. 
The topic of your annotated bibliography is your research paper topic. After completing this week’s Learning Activities, develop an annotated bibliography of at least 7 peer-reviewed references and annotations. Each annotation should include three 3 paragraphs: a summary, evaluation, and reflection.
(For Topic refer last assignment you submitted on research question
Ø Question you choose is How do Ecommerce Companies Address Privacy in its Policies)
Prepare a Microsoft Word document that includes:
· Title page
· Annotated Bibliography
Format your document in APA style. Each source must be current (published in the last few years). Each source must be peer reviewed (undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference).


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