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 To allow students to explore topics of interest on their own, they will be required to find two (2) articles based on topics from class to summarize. At least one (1) of those must come from the Wall Street Journal but cannot be one of the same ones read for class. The other one can come from other popular press news sources (Washington Post, New York Times, The Economist, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and so forth), or a movie or TV show (with a link to the relevant publicly-available clip on YouTube provided). A brief (one-page) paper (10-12 point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins) for EACH article that includes the following: a hyperlink to the article (or clip), a one paragraph summary of the content of the article and how it relates to a topic or topics in class, one original discussion question (with the answer), one original quiz question (with four multiple-choice options and the correct answer indicated), and one original application-based exam question (with four multiple-choice options and the correct answer indicated) will be required to be submitted as a single PDF (with headings for each article) in Canvas by the beginning of class on April 17th, 2019 . Students should use the questions they are answering all semester as a guide, but must come up with their own questions for each article. 

Example article and question attached below
Topics also attached


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