assignment three

i have assignment which need to be 3 pages MLA  format. i just you to use simple English. i have the requirement from professor and the topic i use and the way you write about.
 For this project, you will write a description of a person, place, event or phenomenon and then draw a conclusion (or ideas for further inquiry) based on your observation. Remember that the selective choice of detail is important. Do not simply make lists of what you see or what someone said, but make informed choices about what to include in your description/observation. Then make sense out of it. Some thoughts to consider: what does this event, person, place, or phenomenon say about the diverse population of the American landscape? What does it say about us as a culture?

Be creative with this project: go to some event on campus or elsewhere; or pay attention at your dinner table; or describe where you live; or notice a person. Make notes about what you see and hear. Make notes on the person’s outfit or the smell in the stadium or the noise of the cafe. Write about the textures in your room or the conversation at the dinner table. Be specific and tie what you say about your subject to your conclusion at the end.

Purpose/writing issues: In this essay, you will draw upon your powers of observation, and analysis, by making some conclusion based upon what you observe.

Audience: Assume that your readers know something about your subject, but have never really looked deeply at it, and have never drawn conclusions about what your subject signifies. Assume that your readers are intelligent and sympathetic.

Persona: You are an observer. You are near, but outside of the thing that you are describing.

Special Instructions: Write this paper without using the words “I” or “You”.
Try not to use contractions.
Write in the present tense.

the topic will be about the coffee shop 
 the topic is you are in a coffee shop like Starbucks or any coffee shop then I want you to describe the color of the coffee the test the smell the sound in the store the people what they wear their sound their smell the cake that you saw the shape the smell. Also, the drinks in the store what the color the flavor . 


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