Assignment Writing (FF3)

 Please see attachment for supporting files
Add new work to SRS Draft file. The Turn in Score for other file was green @ 23 % . Please keep up good work 
Assignment Instructions
The purpose of this assignment is to complete the Final SRS for the Case Study.
1.  Make any necessary revisions to your Preliminary Software Requirements Specification (from the Week 4 assignment) to produce your final Software Requirements Specification for the Case Study. 
2.  Complete the remaining Sections 5, 6, Appendix A, and Appendix B.Be sure to fill out all parts of the template. 
3.  For the Appendix B Analysis Models, follow the following instructions
3.1  If you used the Structured Analysis and Design Technique, add an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) to your existing models. Your ERD should include entities, attributes of the entities, and  relationships with names on the relationships. 
3.2  If you used the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Technique, add a class diagram to your existing models.  Your class diagram should include classes, attributes of the classes, and the relationships with names on the relationships.
4.  For the Glossary, include definitions of the items in your respective models.  
4.1  If you used the Structured Analysis and Design Technique, for the DFD include definitions for each external entity, data flow, data store, and process.  For your ERD, include definitions for each entity and include its attributes.
4.2  If you Use the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Technique, for the use cases include defnitions for each actor and use case.  For your class diagram, include the definitions for each class and include its attributes.
Submission Instructions
1.  Start with your submission for your preliminary SRS and name it like FinalSRSYourlastnameYourfirstname.
2.  Submit your assignment in the area below.
Grading Rubric
Your assignment will be graded using the Final SRS Rubric.docx.


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