Elective classes such as art, music, gym, and auto mechanics are an important part of a students schedule during school. They give the children an opportunity to express themselves and their uniqueness, gives them a chance to interact and be sociable, and gives them experience for possible future careers. Reasons such as these are why we should not eliminate these subjects from schools. Uniqueness is a primary concern. Different varieties of art and music classes are offered as electives in school systems today. My school offers digital art, commercial art, and AD and AD drawing classes.
Students can also participate in different music classes such as chorus, jazz band, and symphonic band. These classes give students the opportunity to express themselves through something they enjoy doing in many different ways. The electives are designed to specifically cater to a certain individual and what their skills are. Although electives do cost a significant amount of money and have a lot of needs that must be met, they greatly benefit the students and should not be removed from the school systems. In Dalton to uniqueness, social skills are also a factor.
Elective classes such as gym are not as serious and strict as other core classes’ students sit in all day. It allows children to get up, move around, and socialize. In the novel “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie”, the protagonist has one class out of the six with his friend and that one class is what he looks forward to every day. It was the only class he had a chance to socialize and be outgoing in. The electives give students a mental break from the rigorous classes they participate in and lets them be kids. Classes like these are essential for a child’s social skills and mental health.

With social skills In mind, experience Is also an Issue. Many electives that are offered are Intended to prepare students for a future career Involving that elective. My school offers early childhood development classes and business technology classes that prep you for a job in those fields. You take multitudes of tests and complete a variety of projects to become certified in that field. For example, if you take all three years of the early childhood elective classes you will have the requirements that are needed to be a preschool teacher.
These electives will end up avian the student time and money and giving them a head start once they go to college to train for their careers. In the novel “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” the main character takes Journalism for an elective unintentionally and ends up being one of the best Journalists at the school and really enjoys himself. Elective classes that are offered In the school systems may do the same for the students that are enrolled there. It Is a vital part of a students every day school life that should not be eliminated. That although eliminating elective classes would save money, it should not be done.


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