Begin your business-style report

In this writing workshop, you can share your ideas about topics and receive advice about how to revise your introductory paragraph(s) and your blueprint—a list of the main parts of your report.  Here’s a sample with parts labeled. 

This week, post only your introduction and your blueprint (list of main sections).
Please see our course calendar for due dates and our grading rubric for criteria for success. You’ll see a summary of due dates at the end of these directions. 

Here’s a list:

______ – Must have standard memo heading with an informative Subject line. Clear, easy-to-read sentences averaging 17 words.  
______ – Edit for correctness in spelling, punctuation, and mechanics, using your or another free editing download. 
_______ – As needed,  find a way to make the topic relevant and interesting to readers outside their field.
_______ – Check that revealed credentials are relevant to their topic, for enhanced credibility.
_______ – For a direct, professional tone of voice, use active voice at least 90% of the time. Use a grammar checker as a tool to help you point out specific sentences needing conversion from passive to active voice.
________ – Use “block” paragraphing (single spacing, no indentation of first lines, leaving a line empty between paragraphs). 
________ – Keep paragraphs short in order to visually reveal slight shifts in content and to make the report attractive and easy-to-read to people outside your field of expertise.
_______ – As needed, use a sentence in a separate paragraph to lead logically and gracefully into their blueprint

end the lead-in sentence or phrase with a colon

________ – Create a parallel list of two to five main section headings that are of roughly the same “weight” (length or importance).
Keep! blueprint items concise (one to six words?) so that their blueprint items will make easy-to-read main section headings in the body of the report next week.


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