Bringing the constitutional presidency to life

The constitutional president in the United States of America is the president who has been elected by the citizens of the republic on majority votes. Bringing to the constitutional presidency to life is bringing the custom of electing presidents who would lead the country according to the constitution. Constitutional presidency The constitutional president leads the country in accordance to the powers that he has been given by the constitution and has a duty to lead the cabinet businesses.

The president is the overall leader of the country is therefore responsible of hiring and firing cabinet. A constitutional president get to the position of presidency after the voting process has taken place as has been dictated by the constitution. No one has powers to ruin the presidents powers, may it be the civil or religion leaders. The president may use the religious believes of the country’s customs to dictate the undelegated power as he should understand the law of God and the law of nature in order to help him make such decisions.

A constitutional president may make decisions of his freewill without consulting the delegates, such decisions may include amnesty of some petty crime victims and authorization of a bill to be passed as law for that to be a custom of the country in favor of the society. A constitution president is allowed to vie for the seat as many times as the constitution would allow him, he runs for a given number of times in which he shall not exceed if the constitution does not allow. Reference: Milis, D. & Nelson, T. (1979) American presidency, NY, Oxford University press


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