Broadcast Response

Please listen to Orson Welles’s 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds, available here:

Then please respond thoughtfully to some or all of the following questions:

This broadcast caused mass hysteria. Terrified listeners fled their homes, covered their faces with wet towels to protect them against the aliens’ poisoned gas, and made frantic attempts to reach their loved ones. Why do you think this broadcast created such panic?
What are some features of the broadcast (narration, story, presentation style) that could make nearly one million listeners believe that the world really was being invaded by aliens?
Do a little research about the time in which this broadcast was made. What was going on in the world? How do you think this context contributed to the panic that the radio program created?
The War of the Worlds initially appeared in the form of the 1898 novel by science fiction novelist H.G. Wells. While the novel was well received and popular at the time of its publication, it caused nothing like the mass hysteria that resulted from the 1938 radio broadcast. How do you think the change in the mode of expression (from a novel to a radio broadcast) could have contributed to the sense of panic?

Your post should be about 150-300 words. 

Please make sure you answer at least two questions of the above, and answer them logically. 


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