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ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE [pic] MARKETING MANAGEMENT Elif Karaosmanoglu Assignment 1 SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING WHITE GOODS INDUSTRY Submitted by: OSMAN OZEN 401111024 Table of Contents 1White Goods Industry3 2Brands in White Goods Industry3 3Marketing Objectives3 4The Brands of BSH3 5Segmentation & Targeting & Positioning3 5. 1Segmentation3 5. 2Target Market3 5. 3Positioning3 5. 3. 1BOSCH3 5. 3. 2SIEMENS3 5. 3. 3GAGGENAU3 5. 3. 4PROFILO3 6References3 White Goods Industry The home appliances sector showed a strong recovery in 2010.
Driven by increasing consumer confidence and the recovery of real estate construction, the market for large domestic appliances grew by 8% bringing the market to a total of 5. 4 million appliances. All major appliance categories with the exception of the solo cookers showed a significant growth. Refrigerator sales increased by 11%, dishwashers sales grew by 7% and washing machine sales increased by 8%. Oven sales was the only category which declined by 4%. Driers, which is a new growth area, increased by 19%. Large home appliances, produced in Turkey, managed to increase by 12% year-on-year reaching 18. million units. Roughly 75%, 13. 7 million units, were exported, which reflects an increase of 9% year-on year. With this volume Turkey became the biggest white goods appliances producing country in Europe. [1] Brands in White Goods Industry The leader of white goods industry in Turkey is Arcelik and its main competitor is BSH (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances). BSH is the second company in Turkey’s white goods industry. The others are followers. Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group is the world’s third largest producer of large domestic home appliances.
The group owns 14 brands and operates 43 factories worldwide, with its largest production facility being in Cerkezkoy, Turkey. The group posted annual sales of 10. 8 billion Euros in 2010, establishing itself as the leading home appliances company in Europe. In Turkey, BSH is one of the leading companies in the Home Appliances industry, with its main brands Bosch and Siemens, its special brand Gaggenau and local brand Profilo. BSH is the second largest company in its industry with 25% market share. Due to its rapid sales and investment growth, BSH is ranked the 7th largest foreign company in Turkey.

It operates 4 factories producing refrigerators, cookers, washers and dishwashers with a production capacity of more than 3. 5 million units. More than half of its annual production is exported to countries around the world, mainly in Europe, North America, and Australia. • 7th largest foreign company • 2nd largest producer of white goods, with 25% market share • 23rd largest industrial company • Offers the best After Sales Service in the Home Appliances Sector • Leader in the “built-in” appliances category • Biggest production location within the BSH Group • Offers Europe’s top selling premium brands
I will investigate BSH’s four brands in this assignment. I will analyze STP of BSH’s brands. Marketing Objectives BSH envision to be “the first choice” of their customers, dealers, suppliers and employees—that is the basis of their strategy. They employ this philosophy to improve the lives of their customers, by creating new product values, sustaining uncompromised. The white goods industry in Turkey has been facing some tough times in the past few years. The housing developments in Turkey had been progressing quite reliably, however because of the global financial crisis the growth in construction sector stopped.
In addition, energy and water savings are becoming major factors for consumers in deciding which appliance to buy. With lifestyle changes and the way homes are being designed, they are convinced that the built-in appliances will receive much more attention in the next years. Although it is expected that housing demand will decrease, as the second objective in the years ahead, they will continue to develop products that bring elegance, comfort and ease of use, while contributing towards the conservation of resources and protecting their environment.
Their main objective is to look forward to growing stronger, moving towards achieving their vision to be “the first choice” together with their customers, dealers, suppliers and employees. The Brands of BSH For BSH, one of the principal factors for success is the presence of strong brands that are clearly focused on their target groups and presenting a coherently structured product portfolio. 1 BOSCH For them, their brands form the most important ingredient to win in the global arena.
They represent a pivotal symbol of trust and sense of purpose for the consumer. Over 100 years later, Bosch continues to stand by its founder’s words. The Bosch name has always meant a guarantee of both quality and reliability. Bosch remains committed to uncompromising performance and great design to be built into every single appliance they produce. Every time Bosch designs a new product, its ideas are based on sound ecological principles, ensuring they make the most economic use of natural resources and minimize the pollution of air, land and water.
They are constantly developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product performance and efficiency, helping to conserve their planet and save you money by lowering costs. Bosch stands for premium quality, perfect engineering and high longevity. The “achievement of a higher quality of life and enduring value through beneficial technological advancements” stands at the core of the brand philosophy. 2 SIEMENS Sold in more than 55 countries around the globe, Siemens stands for innovative thinking, precision engineering and pure style to millions of people worldwide.
Siemens meets consumer needs with a wide range of products from washing machines to vacuum cleaners and from consumer products to television. Siemens is the “number one” appliance brand in Germany, and the leading built-in appliance brand in Turkey. For many years, consumers, dealers and architects have appreciated the technological superiority and stylish design of Siemens appliances. Siemens, the great name in technology, stands for intelligent innovations and consistent orientation toward the future, and a modern approach to the technical features and design of home appliances.
Siemens has a visionary approach and use of cutting-edge technologies aimed at improved functionality, gives rise to pioneering products and solutions that allow user to perceive and experience progress in a fascinating manner. Home appliances from Siemens are characterized by clear, functional design and optimum precision. Siemens products set standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, a consistent system, a performance-based approach and perfection for production. 3 GAGGENAU Gaggenau is the brand of professional cooking technology for the modern home.
It specializes in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances. Gaggenau’s appliances incorporate a specialist’s knowledge, skill, and decades of experience. After all, the first built-in appliance manufactured and sold in Europe was a Gaggenau. Every Gaggenau appliance is perfectly made, easy to handle and extremely reliable. Each and every one is especially beautiful, and the brand regularly receives the design awards to prove this. Yet, beauty isn’t the only benefit of Gaggenau. Customers love Gaggenau’s versatility and professional functions as well.
Gaggenau became an internationally known luxury brand after World War II. In 1951, Georg von Blanquet, a passionate amateur cook, took the reins of the company and developed the Gaggenau kitchen technology, resulting in the manufacture of top-quality built-in appliances. Gaggenau stands for innovative engineering, long lasting materials, clear form, good handling, sustainable workmanship, and sets recognizable standards in the fields of food, lifestyle and culture. 4 PROFILO Profilo has blended the international know how and experience with the local lifestyle preferences in Turkey.
Profilo is one of the oldest leading traditional brands in Turkey. The brand is highly preferred by customers who place durability and quality above all else. Profilo branded appliances are designed according to the unique needs and habits of Turkish consumers. The brand’s success in meeting expectations comes from its careful examination of local market needs and sensitivities. This thorough consideration of the consumer has ensured the brands’ longevity. It is known as a provider of long-lasting, durable and user-friendly home appliances, with a wide range of products and functionalities. 1] Segmentation & Targeting & Positioning 1 Segmentation BSH pursues demographic segmentation ( economic), psychographic segmentation (lifestyle), and behavioral segmentation ( benefit sought ). 2 Target Market According to the segmentation of the market the target groups of BSH are as the following: Siemens: Young and energetic, modern people who are seeking for high quality and performance, from middle and upper socio economic classes. Gaggenau: Sophisticated and modern people from upper socio economic class who are seeking for premium and excellent products.
Bosch: People who are seeking for uncompromising performance and great design, from middle and upper socio economic classes. Profilo: People prefer to have the best value for the money, from lower and middle socio economic classes. 3 Positioning The values and specialties that BSH wants to place with its brands in consumers’ minds are as follows: 1 BOSCH Quality: Bosch products fulfill the highest demands in performance and offer maximum operating convenience. The premium quality is tangible in the superiority of the materials and visible in the product finishing.
Technical expertise: Bosch offers fully rounded solutions oriented towards people’s needs and maximum user benefits that create greater quality of life. Quality of life: Bosch products make daily family life and chores easier and more enjoyable. They free up more time for the finer things in life, creating the balance for harmonious togetherness. Responsibility: Bosch acts on the basis of clear principles. Responsibility for people, society and the environment are important guiding principles for Bosch and therefore these are the driving forces behind the continuous development of products and services. It has always been an unbearable thought to me that someone could inspect one of my products and find it inferior in some way. For that reason I have consistently tried to produce products which can withstand the closest scrutiny – products which prove to be superior in every respect. ” Robert Bosch [2] 2 SIEMENS Fascination: Siemens constantly takes up technological challenges and is fascinated with developing futuristic products, solutions and services. Expressiveness: Siemens develops products for the modern and dynamic society.
It stands for concise and pure design. The brand offers styling that is sure of itself, emphasizing the individual expression of confident personalities. Performance: Siemens products set the standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, intensive development and perfect execution. 3 GAGGENAU Professionalism: Gaggenau appliances are often particularly large and impressive. They are designed for performance with generous capacities. Leadership: Gaggenau is true to tradition, combining simplicity with utmost quality and reliability.
Gaggenau solutions go beyond narrow, constraining standards, impressive in their dimensions and convincing in their daring simplicity. Passion: Gaggenau makes good sense, knowing the uses and limitations of technology, reducing systems to essentials with composed mastery. It shares the dream of the perfect kitchen, in preparation and culinary delights. Excellence in Design: The professional kitchen provides lots of space. Its design is elegantly restrained and completely functional. Gaggenau’s typical design is outstanding, crystal clear, and beautiful; completely self evident and truly expressive. PROFILO Durability: Profilo products are durable against all odds. Accessibility: It is a brand that is accessible to all Turkish consumers financially, physically and emotionally. The balance between quality and terms of payment is reflected visibly. Empathy: Profilo produces user friendly products responding to the basic needs of women, who are the primary user of their appliances. [1] REFERENCES [1]  2010 Annual Report  (2010). http://www. bsh-group. com. tr/page. aspx? id=22 [2] Bosch Communication Center http://www. boschcommunicationcenter. com 3] BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A. S http://wrightreports. ecnext. com/coms2/reportdesc_PRICE_C79628190 ———————– 2. 6 Arcelik Haier Samsung Fagor-Brandt 1. 7 White Goods Companies (2007 – billion euro) World 2. 3 Miele 2. 3 3. 1 3. 8 Indesit 3. 8 Maytag 4. 8 General Electric 7. 1 LG 7. 3 BSH 10. 1 Electrolux 11. 5 Whirlpool Europe 1. 0 LG 1. 0 Candy 1. 9 Arcelik 2. 5 Miele 2. 5 Whirlpool 2. 9 Indesit 4. 7 Electrolux 6. 1 BSH 36 % Market Share, 2007 Leader in Germany 21 % Market Share, 2007 Leader in Europe 7 % Market Share, 2007 3rd in the World


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