Building on Assessment 1

Building on Assessment 1, you are a project manager on a major project, and are now required to prepare the relevant documentation for the project budget, schedule and resources. Base your responses on current recommended practice, as described in contemporary literature and personal research into the industry of the Case Study. The focus is to be on the selection and application of appropriate theory, tools and techniques not how accurate your budget, schedule and resourcing are. 
Read your project case study carefully. As you work through these three tasks, identify any areas where you do not yet have sufficient information, and may need to ask further questions from your project sponsor. 
1.Develop an appropriate budget for the Case Study project. Include details of all assumptions you have made in preparing this budget.
2.Prepare a schedule for the Case Study project, identifying the key milestones for the project deliverables. Discuss the relative merits of the methods, tools and techniques used and compare these with any that you chose not to use.
3.Finally, estimate the resources required for successful completion of the Case Study project. Integrate this with the schedule and identify potential resourcing stress points for the “critical path” that will need careful management. Identify tools and techniques that might be used here.
A report format is acceptable, but must include explanation of the approaches used throughout the project life-cycle. Diagrams, charts, tables and illustrations may be used to communicate or describe an approach. These should be supported by a written discussion and not relied upon to tell the story themselves.


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