BW Intro Criminal Justice

 Describe the difference of thought between the Rational Choice theory and the Social Learning theory.

Answer the following question in proper essay format. Your response must at least 4 paragraphs in length (intro, body, conclusion). Your response requires either a citation from the book, and/or other outside sources showing where you discovered the answer(s).  WARNING: DO NOT COPY PASTE. Your submission will be ran through plagiarism software. Do not provide direct quotes. Summarize the source information in your own words and cite the author. At the end of your essay provide the full reference to the in-text citation found within the body of the essay.
Your grade will be based on accuracy and depth of content (50%), proper editing (20%), proper essay format (20%), and properly citing your sources (10%). Plagiarism will result in a “0” for the assignment. 
You may use your book, articles and other quality sources. You must submit this assignment as an attached file (in Microsoft Word only = Doc., Docx) in this forum’s submission link.   Do NOT submit your attachment as a .pages file. EPCC does not have Apple computers.  Late submissions will be accepted up to one week past the due date with a 30% deduction off the top of the given grade


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