Cabbage vs. Lettuce

Not knowing the difference between the two is enough to irritate ere, and mistaking them for the other is a whole different level of anger and f rustication that could possibly awaken from a pet peeve. It was important enough for her to make a whole blob post on the subject. Natural curiosity got the best of me as I then began to research the e differences and similarities of these vegetables. Tang 2 Cabbage and lettuce are actually from two sign efficiently different plant families to begin with.
From first glance it is slightly difficult to immediately tell which of the Greg en’s it is in a dish because of how similar their colors and shapes are when cut, cooked, and pre eared. Starting off with the cabbage, according to Bruce of weeklies, it comes from the brassier CAE family of flowering plants otherwise known as mustard flowers or the cabbage family. Other welkin species within the family include broccoli, cauliflower, radish, and turnips. Cab pages are often in the form of a decently large, round flower bud of leaves.
It looks similar to its notorious cousin, the Brussels sprout, but only more sizable. The cabbage leaves are compact, the kick, dense, and fibrous, so it is not as easy to bend anywhere or else it would break in half. W hen grown at a arm or at home, cabbages grow in a whole flower formation With extensive Ii eaves encircling the middle. To harvest it, people naturally cut the cabbage Stem at the base, leave Eng the large outer leaves still intact to the stem, to collect the middle bud. As for lettuce, they come from the assistance family, also known as the sinful rower family.

The other welkin species within assistance include chrysanthemum m and artichokes. Lettuce commonly share a similar small cone shape with the artichoke, but the eye can come In a more sphere shape like the cabbage, as seen with the iceberg lettuce. The lea eves are more flexible around the outer parts but a bit thicker along the middle, so it can be utilized as a wrap for some dishes. They can also be easily separated by simply pulling each leaf apart. When harvested, the whole lettuce plant is either dug up or cut off near the soil.
As a result, the main aesthetic differences to note are the shape before and oaf term harvesting, and the thickness or compactness of the leaves’ composition. How ever, they do not only differ aesthetically but also in taste and smell. The lettuce has a much high her water content Tang 3 Han cabbages, and that gives it the refreshing feel when bitten into. Consensus entry, having a high water content, lettuce cannot be easily preserved through freezing canning, o r drying. On the bright side, that means it is also served fresh and majority of the time.
Sadly, c Babbage may have a bitter taste and smell to them when either raw or cooked, but that does not stop us from making great dishes with them. On account of the previous stated facts, each vegetable serves its own special place in cooking. Majority of lettuce is eaten raw in salads and sandwiches, or used as Arians like cilantro on tacos. The reason for not using lettuce in cooking is mainly due to I TTS high water content. Cooking it in some ways may give some undesirable results such as b Ewing too soggy.
Chime is a common Korean recipe that serves as a fermented vegetable side dish with multiple seasonings that utilizes cabbages often. The cabbage is able to maintain its cry mushiness and absorb flavors through its density. The same could go for other dishes such a s the popular coleslaw. If you were to substitute the cabbage shreds with lettuce, the texture e of the meal would to have the chunky and crunchy feel, but a more wet and soft texture through hoot. Although, cabbages may win in cooking versatility, it does not render the lettuce as been g inferior.
Going past the cooking and looking into the nutrition facts, the natural coma session of both the cabbage and lettuce speak for their nutrition. With the greater density y, the cabbage packs the higher calorie and dietary fiber count at nearly three times the ammo aunt the same serving of lettuce can provide. Each of the greens are also great sources of vitamin A ( helps maintain lathe vision, white blood cells, and skin tissue), vitamin C (helps maintain he althea skin, bones, metabolism, and immune system), and potassium (assists with protein for blob odd and bones).


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