Case Recommendations

Recognizing the current challenges surrounding ServeNow and the associated hurdle of utilizing tools for better transition of leadership and management, here are some possible recommendations that Edward Bushley need to consider to address particular issues. The options shall be divided to short and long term strategies to allow ServeNow to fully utilize available technologies and carryout innovative solutions to further the business’ leverage and control of the market. Short Term Objectives Utilizing Videoconferencing and Emails
One relevant aspect that Mr. Bushley needs to understand is that technology can now bridge people better regardless of location. All they need to have is a reliable Internet connection and through this they can effectively transmit information, data, and ideas to numerous recipients with just a click of a mouse button. Seeing this, ServeNow may utilize the strategy of becoming virtually connected as it can lessen the time and cost of traveling from one destination to another. This also remains essential because it can allow Mr. Bushley to balance the tasks related to management and training potential employees in the company.
Given these elements, the most appropriate technology mediated mode of communication that ServeNow can use is a balance between videoconferencing and electronic mails (E-mail). The reason behind the use of videoconferencing revolves around optimizing the time spent providing training and education to potential managers. This also helps target valuable information (especially urgent ones) at a faster pace (Potter, p. 50). Also, this strategy can solve the issue of time constraint of Mr. Bushley as he can consolidate all information and transmit them all at the same time. On the other hand, E-mails are also valuable process where employees and managers can communicate with one another.

Allowing formal communication to be facilitated by technology makes it easier for organizations to synchronize processes, identify constraints, and resolve issues both internally and externally (Potter, p. 51). Likewise, this is a cheap and effective instrument that the store can use to provide reporting and appropriate adherence to specific tasks.
Increasing Monitoring and Feedback Another valuable aspect that Edward Bushley can do is to increase his connectivity among employees among different stores. This would entail setting up a particular channel of communication among assistant managers to fill in the gaps left by the resigned managers. Under this process, Mr. Bushley can utilize the Internet as a valuable tool for increasing opportunities for overlooking at how managers run the stores. One key dynamic that increased connectivity can provide ServeNow is the ability to monitor the development of each store.
Here, the Internet can serve as valuable tool in gauging the abilities of employees to perform according to given standards (Potter, p. 52). At the same time, it also harnesses better ways to consolidate data and reports. Given that ServeNow has several branches, Mr. Bushley can better supervise each location. The company can also effectively carry out synchronization strategies using the Internet particularly on issues related to pricing, inventory checks, and personnel issues. Another important aspect that increased connectivity creates is the ability to promote feedback and openness within ServeNow.
By incorporating new technological means to communicate and interact, the time delegating and resolving issues related to production and employees would be lessened (Potter, p. 54). It is important to note however that appropriate standards for feedback must be created so that it won’t be abused or neglected by specific persons of authority. This strategy also remains crucial because of its ability to increase the likelihood of effectiveness of how people do their tasks since responsibilities remain to be clear and lines are open to sort out confusions (Potter, p. 55).
Long Term Strategy: Developing a Training Manual Given that Mr. Bushley currently faces the dilemma of managing and handling issues in ServeNow, one long term approach in helping him deal with problems would be creating online manual and training videos for managers and potential managers to use. This remains crucial for the company because it can help increase the opportunity of transition and training potential candidates for management positions. The ability to create a particular medium can best complement Mr. Bushley in identifying which candidates are most suitable for the job and what issues need to be resolved.
Likewise, the information obtained from this endeavor would also provide Mr. Bushley the capacity to focus on more important aspects related to the company. Indeed, this feat may prove to be challenging for ServeNow today however it can reap its benefits in the long term as the company now has an appropriate guide on how to address conflict, management of tasks and performance, and resolving current issues in the workplace.
Overall, diversifying business opportunities and promoting change corresponds to adapting to current trends shaping business today. With the increasing developments towards technology, ServeNow can utilize the mechanisms provided to further opportunities for growth and development. By seeking to understand the dynamics, Mr. Bushley can cater towards optimizing tasks, bridging communication barriers, and furthering options to increase productivity and value of ServeNow’s among its employees. Work Cited Porter, Lyman. Managing in contemporary organizations: MGMT 5. 2002 US: Pearson Custom Publishing


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