case study

Write a 3 to 5 page paper (750 to 1200 words, not including the cover page and reference page) in APA format in response to the prompts below.  You need to integrate your thoughts about the assignment into one long essay that is well-organized and cohesive.
For this case study you may select a company of your own choosing from the pharmaceutical or textile industries. You may use this company for several exercises during the course if you so choose. Conduct additional research in the LIRN so that you have a total of 2 references. Respond to the following questions:
a.    Examine the corporate Web site for your selected company and determine if the strategies pursued by this firm were emergent, deliberate, or both emergent and deliberate. Justify your answer with facts from the Web site.
b.   Perform a five forces analysis on your selected industry (Figure 2.3 Page 34).
c.   Explain how you would use the VRIO framework to construct the cash-flow analysis that is a part of any present-value calculation.


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