Casting Assignment-Extra Credit “Dinner With Friends”

 Casting Assignment-Extra Credit
“Dinner With Friends”

You may do a casting assignment for extra credit from Donald Margulies’ play “Dinner With Friends”.  You will discuss all four characters in the play: Gabe, Karen, Beth and Tom.  Please discuss their main personality/psychological traits (dominant, controlling, nurturing, etc.) as well as their physical traits (age, weight, height, body type, etc.), and intellectual requirements (education level, social skills, etc.) as identified by the script.  In addition, think about the background of each character and their profession.  Many details will be missing from the script and you will have to use your imagination to “flesh” out a complete character.  Use the exposition/information given to you by the playwright about each character via their dialogue in the play script to support your analysis.   Be sure to cite the play script to support your character descriptions.

**Next, CAST each of the four characters with known actors that fit those traits as detailed in your character descriptions.  Discuss why you feel these actors fit the characters and what positive or negative attributes the actors bring to the roles.  Use examples of their past work to help support your choices.  Be sure to think in terms of “couples”.  Tom and Karen must match up as husband and wife, the same for Beth and Tom.  In addition, the two couples have to fit together as friends.

Your paper must be a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 2,000 words.  Minimum work equals minimum passing grade.

Assignment is due by 11:59pm, 10/14/19, via email, no exceptions.  

You may turn this assignment in early for grading.   Assignments that do not reach the minimum requirements will NOT be accepted for grading.  Submit the assignment through the Canvas Assignments/Extra Credit Casting Assignment.  Minimum work equals minimum grade.

**Due to recent hacking issues and viruses, I no longer open any word processing attachments.  Please cut and paste the assignment into the Assignment tab.  All written work must be original and specific to the dates of the course.

You may not use the following actors from the movie:  Dennis Quaid, Andie MacDowell, Greg Kinnear or Toni Collette.


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