Caucasian chalk circle

The use Of the V effect is also effective in this scene with the use of the singer which avoids the emotion of realism, making the audience detached from the characters. The purpose of this scene is to show the misunderstanding between the characters which also draws our attention back on society today as the proletariat are being oppressed by the bourgeoisie still in the 21st century. We showed this in our performance when the children have practically no say in their own lives, for example Klan could not do painting because his dad wanted to him to go into the army.
Non-verbal communication. As part of our exploration focused we on communicating to the audience just using our body language. Vocal awareness To help us explore our use of voice we looked at scene 3 where Shrugs wanted to save herself from being caught therefore she pretended the governors wife. In this scene she was trying to find herself and Michael a place to live but she couldn’t unless she pretended she was a woman of a high class. To do this, I changed my accent into a posh British accent which would normally be used by typical rich women. My Persian shoes” was said n a much exaggerated manner. My tone of voice as high pitched and had a nasal tone. However when I got caught and when the women noticed I was a servant my tone of voice and my accent because I couldn’t defend myself in another accent however in my own accent I could express myself very well.. Breech was trying to get a message across that you only had to be Of a higher class or authority to be able to save yourself in society. This also draws our attention to the conflict of social class in society and how it always has been and there hasn’t been really much change.
Characterization – Rosily laded the role of Shrugs in Scene 6 ‘The Chalk Circle’ and created my character by visualizing how I thought my character would stand for example since Shrugs is a servant and a lower class her back would always be bent showing the audience that she is always working and also she is working class. However at this point when performed the scene and cradled Michael realized I felt emotionally attached to the character as I felt as if really was a mother who could lose her child.

Therefore to prevent this attachment and to remind myself that I am a demonstrator of this character used a range of rehearsal techniques including swapping characters for example, I swapped characters with Klan when we saw that I was getting emotionally attached we did this by spinning around and Klan handing me over the stick showing I had now become a judge. Also to make sure I do not get attached to the character I made another person in my group fix me into Shrugs this meant that was not playing the character but only demonstrating.
We did this for example, when Michael started molding my gestures into Shrugs for example I was always bent which showed my class and also how much work I have done since Shrugs is a servant. Social/ cultural ‘historical/ political context of Caucasian chalk circle The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written in 1944 it is a story that explores what happens when the law conflicts with justice and asks questions about who is right and wrong in complicated situations. Setting up the play, a Prologue introduces the idea that things should be given to those who will take care of them as two farms dispute ownership of valley.
Once an agreement has been reached, the villagers put on a play to celebrate it. Breech’s political beliefs and experiences were his motivation to try to change he world through drama. Through the theatre he created he made people realism the wrong doings of the society in which they lived. Firstly, we reflected Breech’s views on social class equality in our performance when we decided to make the audience sit in a circle. The fact that everyone is sitting in one big circle with nobody being left out means we are being fair. “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” has an epic structure.
It is a collection so many events which, when put together, show a process taking place. Each particular incident focuses on socio-political lesson in society today. This prologue serves to each the audience that the wealthy are not always right that in fact, the poor should also have a say in the society. It serves to reinforce the point that every single individual should be treated equally. We showed this in the modern version of the prologue when the children were not allowed to hold their dream career as either their parents or siblings wanted them to do something else.
A political context was showed when we based prologue in a modern day context set in Syria where ownership is an issue. Where children can’t actually make their own decisions. This is because there is a war that as been in Syria for a very long time. Breech emphasized the past by putting the present into perspective as well. Seeing the present through the present meant that the audience could compare the past to the present to see the changes in the society. Visual Spatial and Aural elements of production would like to set my play in Syria.
In Syria currently people do not have ownership of what they even own it could be linked to the play as since Shrugs did not have enough money she couldn’t claim custody of Michael even though she was one that raised him. The above set is the last scene hen the circle was drawn for Michael to be pulled by Shrugs and the Governor’s wife. This scene is important because the fate of Michael and Shrugs lied in the arms of the judge like mist people in Syria their fate lied in the arms of the authorities.
I would use sounds of shootings and bombings reminding the audience that the play was set in Syria. Also to make it more realistic. However the audience would be able to view the back stage props and cleaning equipment which was influenced by Breech as he wanted to remind the audiences that they were only in a theatre and they had to make a hanger in society. Shrugs would be on the left side of the circle whereas the Governor’s wife would be on the opposite, even though this Is what the script stated it also to avoid this two people from touching each other to avoid audience attachment.
Response to practitioner Breech wanted his performances to be understood by everyone who came to watch which included the less educated. How we communicated this was by performing the stage directions from the Noble Child to ensure that the audience (year 8, younger than us ) understood the message we were trying o get across which was the upper were taking over society and having most power in society and Breech being communist wanted to make a change. realism the wrong doings of the society in which they lived.
Breech’s view is that the actor should not impersonate but narrate action of another person, as if quoting facial gesture and movement. This means Breech did not want the actor to play the character which obviously did not distance them but wanted them to only demonstrate it. We showed this in our plays when we got rid of every scene that was going cause the audience r the actor to get emotionally attached. For example, we swapped characters when there were scenes such as emotional breakdown for example when Simon left Crush at the riverside.
Breech wanted to use Guests which the presentation of emotions through gestures. We showed this by using my body language when expressing the Governors wife showed this by lifting my shoulders and my nose up in the air just trying to show the influence of class and how much they do not appreciate the poor. Interpretation of a section of ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ Intended Impact of he section: This section was to highlight to the audience Grass’s choice.
The nature of the scene is to get the audience emotionally attached however Breech didn’t Want this and therefore used the V-effect to stop them from getting attached, in order for the audience to be motivated to make a change in their situation. Setting: I would set this scene at the river so there is something to separate the actors and to distance the audience and therefore we used a white long cloth to emphasize to the audience that it is only a play to avoid them from being emotional. Suggested Rehearsal techniques: Reading stage directions -this accentuates the fact that they were only in a theatre.
Swapping characters- when the scene reached where Shrugs had to make a decision between Michael and Simon you could tell that the audience would naturally get attached and therefore Breech in this case would swap characters. We did this by lifting the cloth and walking underneath it in slow motion. When I changed I introduced my character and repeated the line before the swap again. This was effective because it made the audience understand the fact that there has being a change of characters and also to mind them that they are still in the theatre.


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