Character Evaluation

The film that I have chosen is Shrek. The character that I will be referencing to is going to be the character Shrek. On the low end of the extraversion scale, he fits perfectly well. He is more on the shy side and likes to be by himself for the most part. You can characterize his personality by his actions and responses being introverted. He is a person that is not too friendly with everyone. You can say that he is grumpy majority of the time.
He is not a people-friendly person, only to the people that he becomes friends with as the movie progresses on. Another character in this movie is Donkey. The main discussion between the two of these characters is that Shrek will not allow people to get close to him and only continues to push people away. He “fails to pause following punishment, pushing ahead to the next trial before learning from his mistakes. ” (Text book citation) When it comes to meeting new people, his initial greetings is very extroverted.
On the neuroticism scale, Shrek scored very high on this scale. There are many sign that he exhibits on the high end of this scale, including nervousness, moodiness, and hostility. When he is faced with different challenges, he becomes very irritable and very angry. This indicates that he is inferior with his coping skills. When it comes to adapting to his social responses to make the right for the situation, he has difficulty doing this. This is typical of neuroticism. These actions are shown throughout the film on a repeated basis.

Shrek scores very low on the openness to experience scale. The only that that concerns him is getting back to his old life in the swamp. This is an area that he is use to. His is not immediately affected by his well being is he does not exhibit curiosity in anything new. When he is faced with new situation or new people, his general demeanor is to quickly become aggravated or cranky with any of these situations. On the F scale he exhibits cynicism and destructiveness. His response pattern overall is very hostile.
Even though it may seem that Shrek is not agreeable or conscientious on the surface, he is very conscientious towards other people. He is a person that believes in working hard and strives to persevere in his endeavors. On the other end of the scale, he exhibits erratic behavior and being much unorganized. On the agreeableness scale, he is the epitome of the ogre. His enjoyment comes from teasing others and he is antagonistic. He is a person that is belligerent and very crude. These come from his overall persona.


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