Charismatic style of Leadership

I have chosen the leader of a local foundation in our community who had been in the public eye due to his tireless efforts and initiative in addressing the homeless problem that are common even in suburban America.
The person exhibits all three characteristics which include firstly, charm and grace, a primary characteristic of charismatic type of leadership. Secondly, the leader has the ability to command respect because he has immense self-belief that he can accomplish a lot for the homeless people. Thirdly, this person or leader has been influential as well because he can draw people in the upper echelon of society to support in many aspects of their program.
People, both within the volunteer and paid staff, the homeless themselves and the supporters respect, abide by and pursue this leader’s vision and plans because they see firsthand his transparency and personally admire or have a high regard for his manner of dealing with the staff. This is what is called intense “attraction” to a leader because of his/her ability to command respect, conduct with such verve and energy (“Charismatic Leadership, 2007).

When they hold meetings or when this leader speaks to people, he sees everyone in the room, and seems to convey at a level of “closeness.” The leader picks at the moods and behavior of the moment and then tailors what he is going to do next based on those observations. The leader employs different methods or strategies to get the attention of the followers, is very persuasive and very effective in using gestures and body language (“Charismatic Leadership, 2007).
When this person leads his team, he tries to create a distinction about his group in contrast with that of others. He builds the uniqueness of the group in the eyes of members and makes efforts to solidify the group’s adherence to the leader but the members expect as well of their leader’s loyalty towards them. He exhibits leadership skills coupled with a positive outlook and is other –oriented which results to changes for the good of the team usually (“Charismatic Leadership, 2007).
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