Comparer shopping Saudi Arabia

The United States and Saudi Arabia both have their own unique way of shopping. It is not common that we in AKA are spending an hour or more in front of the computer screen looking for clothes, shoes and other personal items like furniture, cars, and audio systems.
However, in the United States I think that many people like to shop online from Amazon or others companies online. First of all, based on this simple fact, I believe hat there is a difference between Saudi Arabia and the United States about how people like to shop. For instance, in Saudi Arabia there are more than ten malls in each city that has more than 10,000 people. Rather than in America, Saudi Arabia has many more place for you to buy these items like many more clothing stores, stores for shoes etc.
On the other hand, I have lived in three states which include Kentucky, Texas and New York. Each city has more than 10. 000 people, but all of the cities have no more than two malls. So to me, Saudi people like to go out for shopping rather than shopping online like Americans. Secondly, there is a lot of web sites that many people in America use to find vehicles. For Instance, Internet browser sites like ‘cars. Amend scraggliest can help people shop around and search for certain cars, such as Honda, Toyota and Ionians, but In Saudi Arabia there are no web sites like that at all. So In conclusion, to me America spends much more time doing online shopping than our country where people would spend time In the malls with our family and friends. Finally, I think that everyone has their own way of shopping and which way they would Like to shop. Aimed Littoral, September, 25 14


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