Computer Security– Technical Executive Summary

Assignment Background:
You have recently volunteered to join a state funded commission that coordinates with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The commission is examining U.S. election security. 

Luckily for you, your CSO from the mid-size regional special metals company, where you are currently employed, is also on the commission.

The CSO recently found a great summary Carbon Black threat report that she does not have time to read. Therefore, she has decided to have you create a two page executive summary for her.

She needs your help in sorting it all out, and since she pays your salary. She currently feels that one page executive summaries are too short, so she strongly prefers a two page executive summary. (no more.. no less..).

Assignment Specific Tasks and Deliverables:
1. Review the Carbon Black Threat Report that is available in the attachment.
      a.Carbon Black Quarterly Incident Response Threat November 2018.
2.Create a two page only “Technical Executive Summary” document.

Tips of writing a Technical Executive Summary document
●Use bullet points as item summaries, not long paragraphs/sentences.
●The summary should be written so that any reader,  regardless of their technical
knowledge, should be able to understand the findings and recommendations.
●Please view formats of other technical executive summaries found on the web.  These are structured in brief, concise sections with headers, and often use bulleted items.
●Make the document look professional, as it will be submitted to your CSO.


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