Create a literature review for MSc dissertation in computer science

I need a literature review created for my dissertation (MSc computer science). The topic relates to minimising human error and improving business efficiency by introducing bespoke software into companies (as opposed to providing companies with an off the shelf solution). My argument is that a bespoke system is likely to be better suited to a company as it is built for their precise needs, rather than an off the shelf system that does not do exactly what they want. I will be building a bespoke system using php/mysql for an example company and then measuring the before and after results in terms of reduced human error and increased business efficiency.

I have attached literature review guidelines. All sources which you find must be top quality and academic. You will also need to write 2 or 3 paragraphs about each source, stating why it is relevant to my dissertation. I would like to work on the next chapters with the successful candidate. You really need to understand the subject matter however. 


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