Deliverable 7 – Consumer Behavior in Action


Evaluate the role consumer behavior plays in marketing.
Analyze the impact an individual’s perception, personality and attitude have on consumer behavior.
Analyze the impact that external environmental factors and culture have on consumer behavior.
Examine the decision-making process and its influence on consumer behavior.
Assess company-controlled factors and policies that sway consumer actions.
Design influential marketing strategy based on consumer behavior insights.

After working in the industry for a few years, you have decided to make the leap and become an independent consultant. You have landed your first client, Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture, a manufacturer of lawn furniture. You conducted research on the industry and noted market share, trends, industry statistics and overall background information to be best prepared for your new client’s needs. Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture would like you to help them achieve their marketing goals.
Geoffrey Holder, the Director of Marketing, is looking for your expertise in helping Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture create a positive image for a new product line. He is also interested in what aspects of consumer behavior would help the salesforce increase sales. He would like to present your ideas at his next marketing meeting.
Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture is introducing a new line of outdoor furniture. The furniture will be marketed to upscale, suburban households with 3-4 family members. The price varies from $500-$1200. Geoffrey asks you to review the line and suggest ideas to increase its acceptance in the marketplace based on your consulting expertise. You remember reading about the importance of creating favorable brand experiences and strategies to increase the rate of adoption of a new line.
Additionally, Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture plans to introduce the new line of outdoor furniture to employees at a company-wide meeting to drive interest and excitement in the product. Geoffrey asks your assistance with ideas they can implement to enhance their reputation as a socially minded firm. Because Geoffrey’s experience in creating presentations is limited, he has asked you to provide your recommendations in a presentation that he can use as the basis for his own presentation. As part of your presentation, include ways to create awareness, interest and sales of the new line of outdoor furniture.
In an executive summary to Geoffrey Holder, the Director of Marketing, include the following information he will use to present to his marketing team.

Explain the importance of consumer behavior research and how it will help Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture achieve its marketing goals.
Include trends impacting the growth of the outdoor furniture market and the impact on Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture.
Include an example of a favorable brand experience from a successful firm. Recommend one way Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture can create a meaningful brand experience. Your recommendation must be specific.
Explain how family members and neighbors influence purchase decisions for lawn furniture. Incorporate your thoughts into the areas social factors, subculture and social class.
Explain the concept of cognitive dissonance and how Plush and Easy can reduce post purchase conflict. Recommended a policy and explain how it reduces cognitive dissonance.

It is time for the company-wide meeting. Prepare a presentation to introduce the new line of lawn furniture. Geoffrey Holder can incorporate the following information into his presentation:

Prepare an overview of the lawn and furniture market.
Describe the adoption process and explain what Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture can do during each of the five stages to enhance the success of its new line of outdoor furniture.
Explain two product characteristics that help increase the rate of adopting a new product among consumers. Include characteristics with examples of what Plush and Easy Lawn Furniture can do to increase the rate of adoption.
Introduce an example of a policy the firm can adopt which is in line with its desired reputation for social responsibility, environment friendliness, or responsiveness to the consumer.
Provide a guerilla marketing program for Plush and Easy with details on how the program increases awareness, interest, and sales.


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