Diagnosing an Issue in Need of Organizational Change

Assignment Content

Step 1) Review these resources: 

HRM310-W1-Grading Rubric
Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Organizational Change, and the Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings sources.
Memo Template & Format Guidelines
Guide to Peer-Reviewed References & APA Formatting
Step 2) Research an organization you have worked for or the one you are currently employed at.

Step 3) Prepare a memo of at least 700 words written in third person voice, and address the following issues. You must address the following topics below using the section headers (labels) in bold:

Section 1- Introduction (<– this is a section header) – describes what the memo is going to be about; it mentions the upcoming sections.
Section 2- Identification & Diagnosis of Issue (<– this is a section header) – Identify and diagnose a problematic organizational issue that you are aware of or have observed.
Section 3- History of the Problem (<– this is a section header) – Describe the history of this problem, including the roles of any relevant personnel involved. Use fictitious names for individuals to maintain confidentiality.
Section 4- Evaluation of Actions for Resolution (<– this is a section header) – Evaluate any actions that the organization any actions that the organization has taken to resolve the situation. What could the organization have done to prevent the situation, and what more can the company do to ensure that this type of situation will not occur in the future?
Section 5- Type of Change Needed for Remedy (<– this is a section header) – Using Table 1.2 “Types of Organizational Change” in Organizational Change, identify and explain the specific type of organizational change necessary to remedy the issue: tuning, redirecting/reorienting, adapting, or overhauling/recreating.
Section 6- Organizational Framework to Direct Change Management (<– this is a section header) – Select, define, and apply an organizational framework that can be used to help direct change management processes from the following models in Chapters 2 and 3 of your text:
Lewin’s three-stage model
Kotter’s eight stages of organizational change
Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values methodology
Duck’s five-stage model
Beckhard and Harris’s change-management model
The Change Path
Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model
Sterman’s Systems Dynamics Model
Quinn’s Competing Values Model
Greiner’s Phases of Organizational Growth Model
Stacey’s Complexity Theory
Section 7- Conclusion (<– this is a section header) – Include a conclusion that summarizes your research and provides a potential remedy for the issue.
Section 8- References (<– this is a section header) – have at least 2 peer-reviewed sources in addition to the Organizational Change text, for a total of 3 peer-reviewed/scholarly references in APA format (with authors and dates). The references are incorporated throughout the memo with correct APA in-text citations.
Section 9- Grading Rubric (<– this is a section header) – The 9th section contains the grading rubric. In other words, copy and paste the grading rubric from the Word document into your assignment.
Step 4) Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.


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Grammar and Writing Guides
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