Discussion 1

Imagine you are an early childhood educator or an early childhood administrator who has received the fours surveys below from families.  
I chose that I was a parent
My gender is a female
My age is between 28-33
My ethnic/race is African American
My primary language is English
Write a transcript responding to common questions that a family such what you have selected would ten to bring up at a parent-teacher conference, based on the survey data which is mentioned above and your experience as an educator or an administrator.
Examples are shown below. Provide five question which may be selected fro the list below, derived from your experience, or a combination a fact from the survey.. 
What resources are available to help my child learn language?
What support and resources can you share to help support obstacles children might be facing?
How can I support my child’s learning in the classroom?
How can i Help support my child at home/
How will you be sure to include all children in the learning dispite their differences?
What roles do families play in the early childhood environmnet?
Do you have any suggestions that could help families with education, literacy, or mentoring?
Can you suggest online resources for family learning?
What are some of the activties you can will use to help children learn respect?
After you have choosen five questions? develop a deliver your responses to each in the following format
Provide a qeustion asked by the parent on the top line of each section.
Provide and comment on your response to each queston, including the following components:
summarize your response to the family’s question
Explain and defend your response with providing evidence and support from the course text book.
Provide an example illustrating how your response would play out in an early learning environment
Cite at least one website for each question that could serve as a resource for you as an educator or that you could share with parents.


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