This week’s reading focused on wireless technology.  You’ll learn about wireless transmission standards and security.  Answer the following questions, and then reply to two other posts.

Use the Internet to research the different types of wireless access point and bridge equipment available. Price out your top three different options from different manufacturers. Then, research the security of these devices. How many have vulnerabilities in a CVE database?  Would you use this product for an enterprise organization?  Or would you go with a different product, and why?  Make sure to break down your top three products, including a URL with information and pricing on the device.

When running a wireless network, electronic devices can cause interference.  Research some of the more problematic causes, and explain to the class what they are and what if anything can be done to mitigate this interference.  Finally, what would you do if after deployment of a wireless system, another department purchases a machine that causes interference with wireless network operation.

What do you use for wireless security? Do you use WEP, WPA, MAC filtering?  Explain how you have configured your home network, and whether you check logs to see if anyone attempts to gain unauthorized access to your network.


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