discussion 3

From the video of the quiz 3, we know that there are 8 parts of critical thinking:

Points of view

Doing a lab we need to think. Select a lab that you already did or you are going to do then apply these parts to your thinking by answering the following questions:
            (Note that: The following questions of each part of thinking are just examples. You can ask with different questions to clarify your thinking)
               Purpose: When doing this lab what do you need to learn or practice for programming? (statement, syntax, etc)
               Question: list all questions that you might have in this lab?
               Information: what the requirement gives?
               Inferences: what need to be done for this lab?
               Concepts: what system or problem does the lab talk about?
               Assumption: what does the lab requirement assume?
               Implication: Write the pseudo-code. If you do the lab as you plan in the pseudo-code what kind of errors can be happened to take care?
               Points of view:  are there different ways to solve the problem

How do you think if you are advised to think about these parts before doing the labs? Does it help to think how to start or how to make the lab better?

Write your opinion in at least 200 words. Also, read and response your opinion on writing of at least 2 classmates


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