Companies typically have a mission statement which conveys a philosophy and direction that forms a framework for actions taken by that organization. 
1.  Share with us a guiding philosophy of yours 
2.  Identify the website of one agency (local, state, federal) whose primary aim is to promote health in some way.  Tell us the name of the agency, its mission statement, and provide the link to its website. [The mission statement is usually no more than a few sentences.  Oftentimes, it is one sentence.]
3.  Identify the website of one food (or beverage) company that makes products that are not considered nutritious. Visit this link to view the top 100 U.S. food processing companies in 2015 (http://www.foodprocessing.com/top100/top-100-2016/) or feel free to look elsewhere.  Identify the company’s mission statement. NOTE: If a company doesn’t have something titled as a “mission statement,” it may use other terms such as “Values” or “Our Commitment,” etc. 
You should not copy and paste the company’s mission statement.  Rather, answer the following questions:
a. Share the name for the company that you selected.  
b. How does the company’s mission statement address the health of its consumers, if at all?  
c. What wording, terms, or other statements that the company makes regarding values catch your eye?   PLEASE NOTE:  If I were you, I would be concerned/my interest would be peaked if the company focuses its statement on health and nutrition.  
d. As a health educator, you have been hired by the Coca-Cola Company to develop the health-related component of their mission statement.  You must do this in one sentence.  What would your sentence be?  [Refer to Chapter One’s various definitions of “health,” if you’d like.]  Get creative!  And be accurate/truthful in your delivery (in other words, your mission statement wouldn’t tout Coke’s powers of helping us to lose weight or get fit)!


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