Discussion Post #4

This week’s post will focus on generative writing that will help you construct the problem and solution paragraphs in your essay. You will have two tasks.
1. As you read in last week’s module, your body paragraphs that convey your problem need to include an illustration that supports your topic sentence/stands as an example of one of the effects of the problem. You need to choose which images will serve as symbols of the effects. So let’s practice this! Below, I have pasted links to three music videos. Please watch the music videos and analyze THREE IMAGES used. You can choose three images from one video or you can choose an image from each video. As long as you have three, it does not matter. Analyze what each of these images represents and what idea(s) they are trying to convey. Don’t worry about whether you are right or wrong. This is your own interpretation. Be specific when explaining what the images represent and what details allowed you to form your claims.

2. The second task for the discussion post will focus on helping you generate a solution to your problem. Think about the education you are currently receiving or have received in the past. If you could change one aspect of a class’s curriculum, what would it be and why? It is up to you to offer this change and analyze why this change would be beneficial. For instance, will you suggest that students will write papers instead of take tests? Maybe you would like to see more group work or hands-on activities instead of lectures. Whatever you suggest, make sure you back up why this change will be beneficial for students.
Make ONE original post and comment on TWO of your classmates’ posts. Please read what your classmates have posted before you. Avoid simply repeating what others have already said. Write in complete sentences.You will be graded on BOTH the content of what you write and the cleanliness of your language — spelling, capitalization, punctuation. Make sure to proofread!
Remember, you may have to check back periodically to see if there are new posts for you to comment on, especially if you make your post early in the week.
After you have made your initial post, make sure to check back often to reply to TWO of your classmates, and reply to each person who replies to your post. Spread your replies around, so we don’t end up with a few posts crowded with comments while other posts remain un-commented on.


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