Discussion Post Required With 2 Responses – Urgent A+ Work Required. 10 Hours

Title: Dialects and Education
Thread: One of the interesting aspects of language is that it morphs as it travels through time, space, and society developing different dialects and possibly different languages. These transformations are readily identifiable to society, and society pre-judges people based on the dialect that they speak. Select one of the following questions about dialects and provide an in depth multi-paragraph response. Finally, responded to at least two of your peers’ comments.

Question 1. As a language educator/writer, what is your responsibility to teach or use standard English? Should you teach standard American English, or some other dialect?

Question 2. How do perceptions of dialect impact your teaching/writing? How does your students’ dialects impact your view of them? How does your dialect impact there are a few of you?

Question 3. Should educators force their students to adhere to standard American English?

Replies: Respond to at least two of your peers’ comments with a rich and relevant response.

I will post the Responses to be done after I have uploaded the main POST. however, I will make the payment for Both Upfront.
I will need the Response to be sent as soon as I post the 2 RESPONSE POSTS.
Main Posts are expected to be at least 550 words of Content and Responses at least 200-250 Words each with at least 2 paragraphs for each Response


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