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“I wanted to change focus just a bit and converse about executive search firms. First, executive search firms are entities retained by an organization to find the most suitable candidates to fill a particular role on a fee basis. The search is typically used for senior-level jobs, for which there is a smaller pool of appropriate, high-level candidates who can be identified and targeted. It is also quite expensive.    The benefits of an executive search firm would include that search firms or consultants usually have a wide range of candidates to call upon. Also, some candidates will not apply unless they think that the process is seen as fair; using an executive search firm shows that the organization is looking for someone outside the organization.    Couple other benefits: they typically do not have an agenda or perspective – therefore, their advice on where to advertise, who to hire, etc., is a key trait here. Second, the typical recruiting process includes in the executive search firm would be that the search firm surveys the marketplace. They obtain a thorough understanding of the company and what they are looking for. Then, they review the job. Third, they perform a thorough review of the marketplace. Finally, they review their key contacts and provide a list to the organization is looking for the individual.”


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