Discussion Questions

Question 01
What are the basic concepts of ESOPs? Are there tax advantages associated with them? Do they pose commercial credit underwriting challenges?
Question 02
In your opinion, is there a balance between tax planning/seeking and use of tax deductions and a company’s ability to borrow money? Is there an optimal balance between the two?
Question 03
What are some of the different enforcement mechanisms used to ensure compliance with tax laws? How would you rate the effectiveness of these mechanisms? Please explain your answer.
Question 04
How would you record the loss in value of an asset due to technological or regulatory obsolescence? For example, how would you account for the loss in value of a delivery truck that has a carrying value (cost minus depreciation) of ,000 that has a diesel engine that is no longer permitted to be used in the State or Municipality? 
What is the financial performance effect of the loss of functional use of value for that truck? Which areas of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement are impacted, and how are they impacted?
Number of pages: 3
Format: APA
Deadline: 4 hours
References: At least 8 required


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