disscussion replies in own words plz not outide sources

1: A description of the advantages of working with those with differing personality types? answer word count 140 

  2  : I agree with using your teams characteristics will help make them a better stronger team. Here at my work, we are all required to take the Strenghts Quest test by Gallup and attend a workshop on how our individual strengths can be used and magnified. In that course, it list your top five strengths which really brought alot of insight about each other. Knowing things that you are not so good at can help as well. An overall sense of awareness of what everyone is good at is helpful. It really helps when you start the hiring process for someone on your team as well because you know what is lacking and look for that is next employee to fill in the missing pieces. 

3:A manager should be able to utilize the team members difference to make the team better.  But from your perspective,  how do you think you will use the differences in your team members to make your team better?  I think using all the characteristics that your team brings to the table will allow you to look at ways to make your team better performers.

4: Do you believe that employees could motivate themselves, and stay motivated without management? 

5: So almost everyone agrees that extrinsic motivation works,  and agree that an organization should provide some type of awards to its employees to keep them motivated.  Money awards,, time off, tickets to sporting events, recognition plaques, all work at some level.  but why do we need to give something other than a good solid pay for a good solid days work?  I know that at UTC we not only give awards, we monitor how many to make sure we meet our “goals” for awards.  We give awards for everything, from staying overtime to finishing a job, to coming in on Saturday to support a customer.  I’m not sure I agree with it.  I believe you should get an award for going “above and beyond” you job, not for doing your job.  I”m not against a pizza party for everyone just to say “thanks for the hard work” but I kind of stop there. 


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