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I’m applying for a graduate scholarship from CSU-Global
GoGlobal Scholarship 
At CSU-Global, our mission is providing students with a quality education and skills to use in the workplace. CSU-Global Campus seeks to help students from all backgrounds to succeed in earning a career-relevant,100% online degree. We care deeply about student success, and want to help students thrive from the time of enrollment until they graduate with a CSU-Global degree.
The Pride of a Global University
With our GoGlobal Scholarship, eligible students who start classes at CSU-Global for the first time, beginning in the Fall B term (8/13/2018 start date) and subsequent eligible terms, will receive funding to cover $65 per credit hour for 36 undergraduate credits, or 18 graduate credits during their degree program. We’re offering the GoGlobal scholarship for students to move forward with their education, from anywhere worldwide.
In 1,000 words or less I need to answer  “ Why Are You Choosing CSU-Global? “
I’m going back to school to receive my Masters in Human Resource Management because I want to further my career at my current job which is Comcast Spotlight. My current position is Traffic Coordinator
I love all aspects of Human Resource Management and I know CSU-GLOBAL  is the best school for me because it allows me go back to school online and continue work full time giving me a great opportunity of work life balance.
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